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Mounting your TV to a wall has many benefits. Apart from the fact that it adds that extra class to your room, it can be very practical too.

The benefits include:

- No more lifting your heavy tv units for cleaning behind.

- You don't have to buy expensive furniture (eg. TV unit) to sit your TV on. (sometimes can cost more than the TV itself)

- Like most people, you have young kids or get visitors with young kids, that find it amusing to push and poke your brand new TV. They'll never get to it mounted higher up on the wall out of their reach.

- Best of all... it looks great! Your guests will be very impressed.



We can design a variety of different theater packages for almost every budget so even the entertainment enthusiasts can experience the thrill of a cutting-edge theater system.

Effective systems integration require careful planning, layout, and design. We offer advanced system design services.

You’re already investing a substantial amount of your time and money into your project. So, why not take the step to have your project professionally designed ensuring you not only have a good system but you have “your” system.





We offer a wide range of commercial installations  from tv and projector installations to implementation of interactive whiteboards, sound systems and audio visual control systems

Multi room  audio solutions can satisfy the discerning ear of any astute or casual listener.

Whether you are having a house party or quietly relaxing by the pool, create the ambiance you desire by playing independent audio streams from multiple formats and sources to set the mood or enhance your surroundings.


We offer a variety of the finest services for audio, visual, and automation components. At Platinum Ci, our innovative design and installation is the best because we are dedicated to delivering impeccable results. Services offered include:


Whether you're looking to build a new stereo from scratch or upgrade an existing setup, let Platinum Ci bring music to your ears through a home stereo system tailored especially for you!

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