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Easily convert your unused Garage in to a Home Cinema!



Garages tend to be under utilised areas of the home - dumping grounds for under used sports equipment and pots of paint. Garages do make the perfect, and affordable, way to expand your home with a home cinema. Conversion is normally as straightforward as bricking up the old door, damp proofing and insulating. This is also a great time to consider whether to add sound proofing to the room - usually a good idea if there is a bedroom above or the neighbours are quite close.



A typical garage is usually of a sufficient size to accommodate four to six home cinema seats (or a couple of modular sofas) with room to move around the sides. The dimensions of the room usually lend themselves to a great sounding room (although proportions can easily be tweaked during the insulation process) and are sufficiently wide for at at least a 100" screen. We typically mount the speakers behind the screen to really tie the video and audio together.






The Whole Process Managed Star to Finish


Our team can manage the whole process - we can take a blank room and transform it in to a beautiful home cinema without you having to lift a finger.

Sitting down in a custom converted room with the latest films or games console makes the experience special . More importantly, you can turn your living room back in to a social space, no longer dominated by the large-screen TV

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